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Massage form Chair Person

I congratulate True worth Foundation and Board on issuing the Previous Years Annual Report . TrueWorth Foundation’s Baby Project Al-Wadood Hospital, which was a dream, has now turned into reality and it is taking steps towards progress. Previous Years was a Reflections and change, as it was filled with New Programs. Chairperson and Members of the Board saw a new vision of Health care service to be provided on the doorstep of community. We renewed our Vows to help and reach out to those in need and make a difference in their lives.

This year was chosen to serve the Humanity, from our core social services, and it reminded us of the promise, we do with ourselves every morning, to serve our nation. I am glad to have like-minded people around me, who have joined me in the Board, and given me the privilege to head this organization, with zeal and passion. I welcome all new members in the executive committee and Board, and I hope that this new blood will exchange new ideas and take action plans betterly.

I am happy with the hardwork and potential, the health team of our hospital is putting day by day in the success of the project .

Looking forward to a bright future for the Organization.


Syeda Zahra Fatemi.


Trueworth Foundation was established in 2003. with the vision to support and encourage the people to live on equity basis in society


“A strong, vibrant and coordinated empowered society in Pakistan and to sustainably improve their quality of life and living standards.”


“To strengthen Communities through capacity building, advocacy coordinated action, knowledge sharing and networking with stakeholders, towards skilled, transparent and accountable working on equal, participatory and sustainable development.”


TF’s goal is to address the basic needs of the poor and vulnerable communities by introducing developmental interventions; focusing on Health, Education, Livelihood as well as income generation activities through skill development and capacity building.


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Al Wadood PCR LAB

Al-wadood Hospital is running a fully equipped PCR lab. The PCR machine was donated by Japanese Embassy. With this lab AL-Wadood Hospital will run a hepatitis C Program. Soon MOU with other Organizations will be signed to spread Awareness among Poor communities about Hepatitis C.


Board of directors meeting was held on 24th July. The inauguration of our PCR lab was decided by board members. Then Board of directors were informed by our CEO, Mrs. Zahra Fatemi that Chinese Embassy is donating us ambulances.
The progress of AL-wadood Hospital was shared with them. Some medical equipments which are needed urgently was also told to board. Board members decides to have a fundraiser in October to raise money for Machines.

Health Foundation Visit

Dr. Laila from The Health Foundation, which is working in karachi on Hepatitis C Program, , has visited the Al-wadood Hospital. The health Foundation wants to start a project with True Worth foundation, and for this there will be an MOU signing ceremony between the two organizations to make Our hospital, a Hepatitis C center. Adopt a Patient campaign will be started soon, for covering the cost of Medication of poor Hepatitis C patients

Awareness Campaign

Chairperson Trueworth Foundation, specially takes interest in awareness campaigns, so that awareness regarding Fatal diseases can be spread in Villages, especially in Women and children as they are more vulnerable and ignorant of the infections caused by environmental pollution and unhygienic routines. Because only with little knowledge provided to the females in households, diseases can be prevented for example Cancer.

Medical Camp

To cater the much needed health care facilities in the underprivileged areas of Islamabad, True Worth foundation organizes mobile medical camp that covers many Union Councils on a rotational basis. The area that Al-wadood hospital’s medical team covers is quite vast  from Nilore to Charah.On each visit  as many as 60 individual patients  consisting of men, women and children are examined.

Chinese Visit

Team from Chinese Embassy visited True worth Foundation. They appreciated our work so much. We requested them to donate Ambulance to us, so that we can improve the condition of our hospital. Because lot of emergencies come to us and we need more Ambulances.


Here are a few of many projects we have completed on behalf of Trueworth Foundation which includes Medical Camps, Fund Raising events, Awareness Campaign and many more…

Australian Embassy Visit

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Vocational Programs

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Alwadood Hospital

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